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If you’re looking for a variety that will get you excited about growing check this out.  It’s called Visions of Grandeur because it fires up big plans and creative power in its disciples.  It comes in a cryogenic tube from Labfriends Germany as an option to vault the pack in the freezer, thaw it in the distant future and reboot your head. 


Eight females were tested indoor and showed no signs of intersex traits.  The testers were significantly over fed, subjected to disruptive light schedule in flower including direct torchlight, and run in high humidity with fans off towards the end of flower with no signs of mold. The Mother PP is also stable with no abnormal fungal, pest weaknesses or sensitivities. 


The intention behind Visions of Grandeur was not to find the biggest hardest frostiest doinks (although there is excellent bag appeal here), but to create weed that makes you functionally happy and puts your mind in a carefree, open and creative space.  For this I used the PP and the BC Mango. 


The Purple Pear mother easily stood out as a good yielding, thick structured, lime isopropyl smell (with a decent pine-lime rich flavour), heavy statured Indica variety; second last pic.  BC Mango is great for many reasons: I expected to capture some of the high, the profile, and the BC Mango growth spurt but expected the flower time to increase. Those traits are there in VOG but the flower time comparatively to PP has shortened which was an unexpected bonus.  These pics are all day 48.   



Purple Pear – ( Mendo Purps x  Triangle Kush )

[R] Sunny Boy – (Spumoni x Celly OG ) 


BC Mango F3 



Wants : A bigger pot  15ltr. 


Needs : Less phosphorous, more mag in flower.


Likes  : A sea weed foliar in veg.


Dont : Over water your soil; wont tolerate consecutive days water logged. 


Smells : Banana Lime Isopropyl cleaner, Foam peanuts & ammonia, Fruit & honey model glue. 


Comes-in : A Cryogenic tube from Labfriends Germany - Toss the pack in the deep freeze thaw it out 2032 impress the headie-bois. 


Labeled as 65-75 Day finish as a “general” guideline for outdoor, however she can easily finish in the early 50’s indoor in a well running system. 



**This product is sold as a novelty item only, not nursery stock. This item is NOT subject to refund or replacement if they are planted after purchase. Please familiarize yourself with state and national laws before purchasing**

Visions of Grandeur