Connoisseur Genetics

5 Fem seeds




For the NL5 Haze Jones Cannabis Seeds by Connoisseur Genetics I took the NL5 Haze F2's I made in early 2000's from Sensi Seeds stock that leans heavy to the C5 Haze from the famous NL5 Haze from Holland made by Neville Schoenmakers giving you that Pine/Lemon/Church Haze side with a touch of Frankincense and have hit it with the Casey Jones clone Reversed pollen creating the NL5 Haze Jones.

This hybrid leans more on the Haze side of the X but with extra yield from the Casey Jones and shaving a few weeks of to make the NL5 Haze Jones more manageable and friendly to grow.

The NL5 Haze Jones is a great yielder but can be stretchy so I advise to top multiple times from seed early on and throw into flower once you have 4 or 8 main heads or more if you're going for a monster yield. The High is very up and energetic and racy and really a good strain for activity and on days out etc or just for a real Haze session with Haze aficionado's.

This strain is guaranteed to please any Sativa/Haze Freak and will have heads turning once they smell that Dutch in the air. Makes amazing extracts that really pass over the Terps and High real well and give a good return.

NL5 Haze Jones