Frosted Genetics

3 fem seeds, +1 bonus seed


A creation between Kush & Cookies Cbd 21%THC 19% CBD by Garden of Green and a once sort after heavy hitter strain Big Bigzooka 29% THC, a select breed between (jack herer x big bud) by Anesia seeds.


Specifically put together as a heavy medicinal strain to assist with pain relief.

Thick resin production from both parents with some phenos expected to be sedative. 


Big Bazooka (Big Bud x Jack Herer) RVSD CS1 x Kush & Cookies Cbd

(Tahoe OG × OG Kush) x (OG KB × GSC The Forum Cut) )x (Pre-98 Bubba RVSD Male × GSC)


Indica Dom Hybrid

Flower: 8-10wk

Yeilds: testing

Height: not established

Aroma and Flavour: critique soon

Potency: 21-29% Thc  0-19%cbd off parents genetic testing

Mould and Pest resistant: testing

Difficulty: Not established

Germination: 100% using Hydrogen peroxide 3% pre soak in Cup of water for 3 days then into medium regardless of taproot being present or shell of seed cracked


Stress test: seedlings can take up to 7 days to recover from overwatering after yellowing  depending on experience and other stress elements that you are not aware of. Recover well from being dried out.



Modern Warfare


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