What’s good y’all?! We are stoked to announce the launch of the new weed-filled party game we wrote, HotBox The game is simple. Each round one player asks a question. The other players pick their funniest answer card to find the best match. First player to reach 7 wins. Oh, and watch out for the dares and special expansion packs written by The Hill crew ourselves!

-Cypress Hill


About this item

  • PLAY TOGETHER: Best played with friends and family, with groups of 4-10. Ultimate adult weed party game for you and your stoner friends! This hot box card game comes with 420 cards for a reason!
  • STAY IN: Bars are overrated anyways! HotBox is perfect for the adult game night or an on the go trip!
  • GIVING: Know someone who loves Ganja, 420 and a good laugh? HotBox is the perfect stoner game for them.
  • JAM OUT: Hotbox is Cypress Hill approved! Listen to our partners Cypress Hill when playing HotBox. Their weed friendly music is "Insane in the Brain"
  • WARNING: This game was created for ages 18+. Because weed games are for adults. Remember, this adult game is NSFW! Here's a friendly 420 reminder: This is the main card game, but checkout our expansion packs range from TV Shows, to more Dare card or even our Cypress Hill Edition.

Hot Box Card Game

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