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Face Monster – Celly OG x Monster Bread


Its not often you find a male that dominates the progeny as much as the Monster Bread male has in this new cultivar. The Celly OG has moved to the background as the Monster Bread shows up in bulbous sticky flower form.


This cultivar is extremely vigorous and will outpace most plants in veg but takes a little longer to initiate flowering and finish up around 70 +/- days.  Good things come to those who wait. Face Monster is a “bigger” yielder with the show starting later in flower.


Rippling leaves, strong lumbering structure and stinky pine and spray paint smelling flowers are all characteristics to expect.  The high is very much a Monster Bread high which, for me provides that body wash and cheeriness at a satisfying level. 


Stretch is less than half plant size when flipped.

Face Monster


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