3 Auto fem seeds



Diesel Auto is an indica/sativa auto-flowering strain. It has good yields, is pest and disease-resistant and it also has a great flavour.

Indoors plants reach 50 - 60 cm. tall yielding 400 gr/m2 in a total life-cycle of 62 - 65 days. Plants benefit for getting 18/20 hours of light per day. Outdoors plants will grow 60 - 90 cm. tall and produce 200 gr/plant.High terpene production means more smell during flowering so growers should take appropriate action to avert attention.

The scent and taste of Diesel Auto is sweet, spicy and somewhat floral. THC is 12% with 0.5% CBD. The effect is very pleasant but not incapacitating making a good all-day smoke.

Diesel Auto


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