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Channel +, created by Medical Seeds, is one of the most awarded cannabis strains anywhere, having won several cups in several different cannabis cups and events. Channel + is a cross between a huge Big Bud and a Sativa dominant Skunk. It is a hybrid (50% indica/50% sativa) and it does well indoors or outdoors. It grows tall and vigorous, with narrow leaves, but it still shows Indica traits early in the beginning of the flowering period, flowering very fast. This strain is very easy to grow and it is ideal for all growers and all types of growing mediums and systems. Channel + has sweet aroma and distinctive flavour, sweet and slightly fruity. The effect is cerebral at first, becoming more body relaxing on a second phase. THC content is high. Channel + is excellent medication for chronic pain, insomnia, stress, PTSD and depression. Also helps with suffering from fibromyalgia and PMS.

Flowering period is about 45-50 days.

Channel +