Big Bazooka CS1

5 fem seeds


A once sort after heavy hitter strain! Big Bigzooka 29% THC, A select breed between (jack herer x big bud) by Anesia seeds. A shorter stealthy plant inside with decent crowns, big fat fan leaves. She requires training topping two nodes up from seed will help to improve yield or extended veg growth for those inside. It is a top crown strain, lowers are popcorn like with good density just no where near the size of mains. ideally micro medicinal growers, Airflow is needed however she is pretty resilient considering density of flower.


-Big Bazooka (big bud x Jack herer) RVSD CS1 x Big Bazooka (big bud x Jack herer)

-Pure Indica THC:29%

-Flower: 8-9wk

-Difficulty: Easy-Moderate

-Yields: medium without training , could do better outdoors

-The aroma and flavour of this strain is very sweet with lemon flavor like lemonade however some phenos are clearly heavy on the Jack Herer terps.

-Pest: Resilient if cared for.

-Medicinal Purpose: Insomnia, Stress & Pain.

Big Bazooka


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