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The AK59 Auto is an autoflowering variety and one of the strongest strains of all time.

This cross between the AK59 and the Lowryder has resulted in a strong, stable, autoflowering strain, retaining all the desired characteristics of the AK59. It produces resinous marijuana plants with compact buds full of hair and glittering trichomes.
It has a spicy scent reminiscent of Skunk and a sweet, fresh taste. Its potency is similar to the AK59 itself. It has a strong psychoactive effect, which has a euphoric and very stimulating effect. With the introduction of the Lowryder Auto Flower gene into the AK59, a proud and powerful auto flower variety that can be grown virtually anywhere.


It is suitable for indoor, outdoor and greenhouse. The AK59 Auto passes directly from the seedling into the flowering phase and virtually eliminates the vegetative growth phase, in a process called "autoflowering", hence the name. In other words, when it is planted, it sprouts, grows up for a short time, and then immediately and automatically starts to bloom. For the best results, the AK59 Auto needs pots of at least 6 liters, in which their roots can unfold freely. 5 x 5 plants / m2 bring huge yields. At 10 liters 4 x 4 plants. At 15 liters 3 x 3 plants.

It is one of our most productive varieties!


Genetics: AK59 x Lowryder
Variety: Indica - Sativa Hybrid
THC content: 18 - 24%
Yield: 550 - 750g / m2
Height: 50 - 70 cm
Time: 8 - 10 weeks from germination
Taste: sweet and spicy
Effect: Euphoric, Powerful

When choosing a location and equipment, keep in mind that the AK59 Auto has a strong, pungent odor. It is one of the strongest autoflowering strains currently available on the market and, under the right conditions, also has the potential to yield dramatically higher yields than other autoflowering strains.



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