Ski Mask seeds

10 Reg seeds


Black Hippy (Hippy Crippler x The S1W) x Celly OG (Faceoff OG x i95 Stardawg)
Black Hippy selected from Ski Mask Seeds genetics hit with my Celly OG male. Expect an
average finishing (62-70 Days) Indica leaning plant with a moderate stretch. Some phenos
lean towards a ‘cabbagey’ leaf structure and smell of sweet melon that reminds me of the
flower of days gone. Other phenos lean very clearly towards Faceoff OG. Either way you’re
growing something wonderful. She packs on the crystal hard towards the end of flower. The
cabbagey phenos can be a bit heady and racey. Finishes up with a strong Granny Mays fart
gas stench.